Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Law

Real estate or real property law governs who may own and use a particular piece of land, and the buildings on it. These can be residential or commercial properties. They can also be owned by one party, but rented for use by another.

Commercial Purchases

Investors purchase commercial land that has the potential to increase in value or produce a significant income for the owner.

Sale/Loan Transactions

Loan sales take place when the FDIC sells a loan that it obtains from a failed financial institution. Typically the highest bidder will then obtain the loan from the FDIC.


Foreclosures, “bank owned homes”, or “distressed properties” are resold by the bank or lender after taking possession of a property that the mortgagor failed to keep up their payments.


When a person is granted an easement, that gives them legal permission to use someone else’s property for a specific reason, but the property still completely belongs to the owner.

Our Experience

Margaret Romero focuses mainly on the practice of real property law. She can help you with commercial purchases, sale and loan transactions and litigation of disputes involving real property interests such as foreclosures, easements and boundary disputes.