Patent and Intellectual Property Attorney


Copyrights are meant to protect artwork and its creator or owner. They give exclusive rights to the owner to reproduce their work or create derivative works, to display or perform their work and to financially benefit from their work.


There are three types of patents in the United States; Utility, Design and Plant. Each of these is used to protect a patented invention from being reproduced or sold for a certain amount of time, allowing only the inventor to utilize their creation.


Trademarks make a company or brand distinguishable from their competition. Unlike patents and copyrights, trademarks are assumed once they are being used without filing with the government.

In today’s highly technological environment, competition is everywhere and people who are willing to excel at the expense of others  is at an all time high. You worked hard on your innovations, we’ll work hard to protect them.  Protecting your intellectual property is important to the success of your business. If your intellectual property is violated it is best to hire an experienced IP attorney to fight for you. Gina Constant is a registered IP attorney and will work hard to protect your intellectual property.