Gina Constant

Practicing Attorney for Intellectual Property and Aviation Law

Gina Constant

Practicing Attorney in Litigation, Aviation,  and Intellectual Property,
Attorney Gina Constant was a chemical engineer by trade who ultimately joined the management ranks of corporate America. She has also been instrumental in the success of her husband’s Albuquerque-based health care business. She attended UNM School of Law, where she met and befriended Margaret Romero, and is a registered patent attorney. Her intellectual property practice focuses on helping individuals and businesses identify their intellectual property and then protect it through copyright and trademark registrations, patents, licensing agreements, and assignments. Take a closer look below at the areas Constant specializes in.

Intellectual Property Law

Gina can assist in protecting your ideas through patent, trademark, and copyright applications, license agreements and trade secret protection. Receive counsel on projects where your intellectual property needs to be protected including in the field of entertainment law.


Aviation Law

If you need assistance in aircraft purchase agreements, FAA enforcement or handing a plane crash case, Gina has extensive experience representing aviation companies, pilots, and other individuals.



Whatever disputes you need help sorting through, Gina has the expertise to handle cases of civil, commercial, and patent litigation.

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